Ready to build? Whether it's new construction or an addition, let us help you build faster, greener and more economically with Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) and Modular Construction. 

Construction has been out of reach for many because it's so expensive, but there are new alternatives out there that don't just benefit your wallet, but even more importantly, our planet. Imagine being able to build faster, more efficiently, with better indoor air quality, and a better product overall, all while maintaining your budget. Well you can now, and it's a paradigm shift for construction.

Priced-out of a project? Have plans but can't afford to build? We can also convert an existing set of plans to a SIPs plan without compromising the design. Let's see if we can get your project back on line!

Green Galaxy Builders is passionate about taking construction to the next level. We have a new way of building that's more accessible, greener, and all-around better than what's been the same in construction for many years. This can help build better, and also help with the affordable housing crisis.

We're here to help you take one of your best assets - your home - and take it into the 21st Century. Give us a ring, drop us an email, and let's get you building something great!

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