Green Galaxy Builders has partnered with full-service brokerage company, Searchlight Lending, to provide loan products that suit our client's various needs. Whether you need a one-time-close construction loan, a loan to purchase land, commercial, residential, private money - all loan products are available. Green Galaxy has an agent assigned to our account that is there to analyze and consult with you on your financing needs and get the loan processed efficiently. 

Sometimes finding lenders that will issue loans on alternative construction methods, like SIPs and modular, can be difficult. Searchlight Lending has accumulated a variety of certified lenders that embrace these new construction methods.

Searchlight Lending will also shop for the best deals for each client and present those options to you, so you can make the best financial decisions that fit your needs. With no additional brokerage fees, this is a great new option for loan shopping and we're proud to be able to offer this service to our clients.